When you subscribe to the Graphix Club membership, or buy any of the graphics individually, or download any of the free items posted on this site, you are agreeing to use these graphics items based on the license terms below…

Your Extended Developer License:

An Extended Developer License means: you can use our graphics on an unlimited amount of your own projects (personal and commercial) AND use the graphics to create projects for other people (clients) AND use our graphics on templates, applications, and themes that you can resell (with some limitations explained below).

What you CAN do:

1. (You Can) Use our graphics resources royalty free.

2. (You Can) Use our graphics resources without attribution.

3. (You Can) Use our graphics resources on as many of your personal or commercial projects as you like (not just one project or site).

4. (You Can) Use our graphics resources on your clients’ projects.

5. (You Can) Modify our graphics resources and use them royalty free on your own and your clients’ personal or commercial projects.

6. (You Can) Use our graphics resources inside of templates, applications or themes that you will resell, however there are some limitations to this: The graphics resources from our library must be a small part of your overall template, app or theme. You can only take a small part (30% or less) of any given graphics resource and add it into your template, app or theme. For example, if you want to use any of our website buttons graphics in your own website templates, you can choose any 3 from a pack of 10. Also, you can only use up to 3 different types of graphics resources inside your projects: for example you can use our website buttons, icons and badges inside one of your templates. And again, the graphics resources you use from our library must make up a small part of your overall project, and must not be the biggest selling point. And you cannot include any of the PSD source files to our graphics resources as part of your projects.

What you CANNOT do:

(You Cannot) Resell or redistribute any of our graphics resources as stand alone items or as part of a big library of items. The ONLY way you can include our items for download or for sale in your own projects, is if you’re using them as part of a template, app, or theme (based on the terms described above in point 6 of what you CAN do).

If you’re unclear of the terms or have any questions about what you can or cannot do, feel free to contact us